Everything about the Police clearance certificate from Panama

Many people from all over the world need the police clearance certificate from Panama
We have assisted many people from all continents to whom we have drawn this document.
One of the main reasons is the immigration processes of the different countries where people are required to obtain a criminal record.

There are usually two types of people who need this document
1. Those who have been in Panama
2. And the sailors and captains who have been under ships with Panamanian flag

In both cases the people appear in the migratory system of Panama
In case number 1, even if you have been in a short time in Panama you will appear in the system and for the case 2. If you navigated in a ship with Panamanian flag will also appear in the system.
So we can get the document

When several sailors are at the same time requesting this document we can make a special package for all of them, and we have done this previously. In quantity of between 10 and 15 sailors.

Obtaining a clearance certificate is something serious, and the way to obtain it is through a power of attorney in Panama

The procedure for obtaining this document is as follows:

We send you a power of attorney via e-mail which must be completed, signed, printed and notarized in the country where you are. Then send it to our offices via courier in Panama along with a copy of your passport.

The time it takes us to obtain this document is 7 to 8 business days + the time of delivery by Courier.

The document has an expiration date of 90 days so we get it very fast and it is valid at the moment of arriving in your country. Additionally, we send you the apostilled document so it is valid for use abroad.

We are located in Panama, so we are the direct suppliers of this document, so we do not use intermediaries. So it is much faster, and less expensive for our customers. We have the most competitive prices on the market.

We are serious people and our work is guaranteed.

To request the police record you can write to info@abogados-panama.org
Or the phone 00 (507) 69480843 / whassap